Our History

Our History

Howard Mui developed his passion for medical devices at his first job as a lab technician at Toronto Western Hospital after graduating university. Howard's 15 year tenure with Dr. Diamant, Chief of GI, an internationally recognized gastroenterologist in his field of research, set the stage for his passion and interest in medical devices.

During his tenure, Howard was asked to replicate a water-perfused motility pump that was currently being used in their department. The goal was to have a second unit for further research. This single request convinced Howard that designing and building medical devices was his passion. Howard built his first prototype from custom designed components housed in a simple plywood box which is proudly on display at his office. Howard's unique ability for innovation enabled him to add significant value to existing designs. Howard has a unique ability to see beyond what is towards what can be to make the pump design more streamline and user-friendly. It didn't take long for the industry to notice Howard's expertise. Many visiting doctors soon commissioned Howard to design and create units to use in their own laboratories.

Howard refused to settle with the status quo and subsequently introduced an electric model to replace the nitrogen cylinder model. This single enhancement quickly established the Mui pump as the new standard for both clinical and research motility studies. The practical application of innovation is the driving force behind Howard's success and leadership in research and patient care.

Howard's skill and reputation started to make waves in the research community and he was constantly looking for ways to improve on his designs. Research was the primary focus of his design mandate which quickly evolved into expertise in design for diagnostics and patient care. The quality and performance of Howard's devices soon got the attention of many doctors and paved the way for Howard to quit his day job and focus exclusively on creating medical devices.

Mui Scientific was officially launched in 1979 and quickly grew to an internationally recognized manufacturing facility for medical devices. Mui Scientific started as a family business with very humble beginnings. Howard started Mui with his wife, Anna, in the basement of their home. Howard's children experienced first-hand the manufacturing process of water-perfused manometric catheters being built in their bedrooms and throughout the house. Since 2001, Howard's daughter Tammy has been an active member of the company, and has since worked her way up to be the current Operations Manager of Mui Scientific. She is also a board member of MEDEC, which has led to the opportunity for her to sit with Prime Minister Harper to discuss the economic climate of Canada. You are never too young to start on your career path as a picture of Tammy building her first pump at age 6, with Stephen Harper's signature, is proudly displayed in her office.

Howard's passion for excellence has never wavered as he remains on the cutting edge of innovation by design.